Magnolia Blossoms + Remembering my Grandmother

Remembering my Grandmother: Phyllis Elena Spataro Moore

(I took this photo of my Grammy at her surprise 80th birthday party. Her joy and love showing so strongly in that smile.)

October 4, 1930 – February 23, 2014

My grandmother went to be with Jesus this past Sunday night. She was an amazing strong, selfless woman with many talents. Her obituary shares a few reasons why I’m so proud to be her Granddaughter!

The beautiful magnolia tree that stands outside my Grandmother’s house (on Pigeon Cove in Rockport, MA) will forever be associated with wonderful memories: climbing it with my cousins, and admiring it’s beauty when it bloomed in the spring. I took a series of photos of the Magnolia in full bloom shortly after I got my first DSLR camera (an original Canon Rebel – which I have since upgraded) but to this day they are some of my most favorite photos I’ve ever taken because of the meaning behind their blooms.

I will always associate Magnolias with my Grammy.

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