Laura & Chris – Sarasota, FL – Destination Engagement Photographer

Laura and Chris’s session is the second of the two destination engagment shoots I did during my one day in Florida, and I’m so excited to share these photos!

I was extremely honored that Laura flew me all the way down to do her engagment photos, since she is a dear friend of mine from college (we attended Southeastern University in Lakeland together). I hadn’t seen her in 6 years, so while it was a quick and exhausting trip, it was so wonderful to see her and get to meet her funny and sweet fiance, Chris!

We started our shoot at Sarasota’s Bayfront Park.

Chris had us laughing the whole day. He was such a goof! His jokes made for some great *kodak moments* 😉

including a surprise dip n’ kiss!

“Love is two souls intertwined in such a way you cannot find their meeting place, nor can you tear it apart.”

Our second location was one of Laura’s favorite spots, Lido Beach!

A GORGEOUS spot to soak in a Florida sunset!

It was such a treat to photograph you two and I can’t wait until your wedding day!

Together Since: Thanksgiving day 2013
Engaged On: 2/9/2014

Getting married: 10/10/2015

Wedding Location: Dallas TX

Her Occupation: Social Worker Originally from: Bradenton FL

His Occupation: Non-Emergency Medical Transport Originally from: New York
How did you meet?

OKCupid, online dating site
How did he Propose?

“He loves me always, even at my worst. The night of the proposal I was in pajama pants and big t-shirt half asleep and sick in bed. He knelt down by the side of the bed and said, I have been trying to keep a surprise, but I can’t do it any longer and he pulled out the ring. I was secretly screaming on the inside NO, Not like this!! As I told him I look a mess and feel awful! He told me, I hope this makes you feel beautiful and loved. It didn’t! Later, after the engagement, I asked him why he picked that moment to share his surprise and he told me this story 🙂 He said the day I knew I loved you was the day you were sick in bed, and I asked if I could come over and bring you soup. He said that when he brought the soup to bed and laid with me all night in his arms, (the first time to spend the night) that he knew he wanted to take care of me for the rest of his life. And that night when he chose to propose, with me laying in bed sick, brought back how he felt that night when he knew he loved me. He wanted to show me that even at my worst he finds me beautiful, and always wants to be with me.”

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