Kelley & Bryan Engagements – Stage Fort Park – Massachusetts Portrait Photographer

Kelley and Bryan are a wonderfully sweet couple who will be getting married next year, and they brought their dog Piper along for their engagement session at Stage Fort Park in Gloucester, MA. Piper was just as adorable as she was well-behaved!

Kelley and Bryan have a beautiful engagement story (which you can read below), and you can see how much they love each other in each and every photo.

Bryan proposed to Kelley at Gloucester Cinema, surprising her with a rented-out theater filled with their family members….

Thank you Kelley and Bryan for having me capture this special time, and I can’t wait to photograph your wedding day, just around the corner too! 🙂

How did you meet?

“Bry and I first met on a family vacation. Bry’s aunt and my mom work together, his cousin Jill, my brother (JP) and Bry are all the same age so the families figured it would make a fun ski trip together. I was 8/9 and Bry was 10/11 when we first met on the family vacation. We ended up getting along really well so over the years Bry and I would stay in touch and do different things like Red Sox games, Celtics games and occasional boat trips. Even though we would go weeks or sometimes months without seeing each other every time we hung out we picked up right where we left off and it was like we had just hung out yesterday. I found out later that Bry was trying to date me for years. : ) He had asked me on a date when we were younger (I was 14 and he was 16) but I kindly declined because I thought I was too young to date at the time and really wanted to just play baseball at the park with my friends. In June 2014 after years and years of hanging out Bry asked me to go to a Red Sox game and I was excited to go! We had a great time at the game and began hanging out more and more. A very memorable time was when Bry asked me to hang out, but it was raining so I said well what do you do when it’s raining out that isn’t the movies, so as he explained he popped on his phone and googled it. He found a place called OptiGolf and I had never golfed before so I figured why not, he is a great teacher and always knows the right things to say to keep me calm while teaching me to drive the ball 150 yards! We started going golfing on a bi-weekly basis and became even closer then we already were. We both knew that the relationship between us was changing and we wanted to start dating, but it was a scary thought. I didn’t want to loose a really great friend of over 15 years, but I also didn’t want to miss out on a great love. On January 10th we went to the New England Patriots vs Baltimore Ravens playoff game at Gillette Stadium and Bry asked me to be his girlfriend!!!! : )
Five months later we were engaged and we are getting married on July 15th 2016.

How did he Propose?

“The most exciting story ever!! If you can picture it I’m telling this story with a giant smile on my face and I’m very giddy right now 🙂
Bry told me that his parents had promised his little sister that they would take her to the movies to go see the new kids movie Inside Out, but unfortunately something came up and they were unable to take her and she was really upset about it so he volunteered us to take her. We love spending time together and with our families so of course I was excited that we were going to see a great movie with his little sister. He told me that we were going to go to a brewery with some friends in Gloucester after the movie was over and we dropped his sister off, so I threw on a cute dress that would work for the movies and the brewery.
When we arrived at Bry’s house his entire family was still there. I didn’t think much of it, just figured they were running late (mainly because I’m usually late too) so I went outside with Hannah (his sister) and the family dog Tucker to play. If you know me then you know that my attention can be averted by simply putting a dog near me. I later found out that Bry thought I knew a proposal was coming since his parents were still at home and due to our car conversation about how happy we were and how happy we were with the way we worked together as a team. After Bry’s family left he continued to distract me by asking if his sister and I wanted to play UNO instead of going to the movies early like I suggested (which I never suggest. Again, usually always late lol). We played the game of UNO and then left his house in Hamilton to go to the Gloucester Cinema.
Bry had been warning me all day that this theatre was very old and that it was very dark, so when we showed up and he suggested that I get the food while he gets the tickets since they are cash only I said okay, thinking nothing of it. I decided to order the combo, large popcorn, large soda, candy and then grab a slushy and candy for his sister cuz why not? we’re at the movies! We carried all the food into the theatre and took the last row since the theatre was pitch black and I couldn’t see anything!
We watched the previews and talked about which movies we wanted to see, THEN! the previews cut out and photos of us were on the big screen! I kept pushing Bry’s shoulder and asking what was going on and why we were on the screen and he kept saying I’m not sure but they are great photos, right? His sister grabbed my arm and said look you guys you’re on TV! After 7-8 photos the last photo came on and it said Kelley Will You Marry Me??!? and the lights came on! and Bry was down on one knee in the isle! and I said OF COURSE!! Everyone in the theatre was clapping and I was shaking in shock, thinking this is awesome but it may be a little weird with all these strangers around, HOWEVER Bry had rented out the theatre and asked our family and some friends to come to the theatre to be there for the big moment!!! so when I turned around I was in even more shock seeing Our families and our friends clapping and crying and coming up for hugs with cards and gifts and lots and lots of LOVE! it was truly amazing! He is just so wonderful and thoughtful and knew that I would want our family and friends around to celebrate that moment with us!! After the proposal, we went over to mile marker where Bry had reserved an area for us to all have food and drinks and celebrate! It was amazing to see the thought behind his proposal and the kindness that everyone displayed in showing up and how everyone pitched in!
It was a great start to a great summer. Three days after the proposal we jumped on a plane and headed for Southern California. We enjoy traveling together and are able to do so as we both work in schools, Bry as a special education teacher and myself as a guidance counselor. We were able to see a lot of Southern California in the Ford Mustang convertible we rented (its california so we figured how else shoudl we explore but in a convertible!!) , including San Diego, La Jolla, LA, and Carlsbad. We went to the San Diego Zoo, the Safari Park, Disney Land, Universal Studios, the sea caves of La Jolla, the Pacific Beach Pier and much more! Because we had not had enough fun and excitement at Disney Land and Universal Studios California, in August we flew down to Orlando Florida to go to Disney World and Universal Studios Florida where we proceeded to conquer six parks in four days. It truly was an amazing summer and although we are back to work we still find lots of time to enjoy one another and to get out and do the things we love doing. One of our major daily routines is walking our puppy Piper after work and talking about our day.”

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