Behind The Scenes with Brianna Cox Photography: My Pregnancy Journey – New England Wedding and Portrait Photographer

pregnancy announcement hawaii

Now that the hustle and bustle of my wedding and portrait season has calmed down and I’m in the final days of waiting for my baby’s arrival I wanted to make sure I shared a special blog looking back on my personal pregnancy journey these past 9 months!

Before we even knew I was pregnant we took a special trip to Hawaii with my husband’s family (you can see more about that here). We were HOPING I was pregnant at the time, so we took this fun photo with a pineapple to use as a future pregnancy announcement just in case 😉 Little did I know I was already 3 weeks pregnant when we took this photo!

caryn scanlan maternity

Our friend Caryn Scanlan of Caryn Scanlan Photography took these photos of my husband and I when I was 36 weeks pregnant (more below). That’s what I look like near the end of my pregnancy journey, and here’s how I looked towards the beginning:

baby bump picturesI  had high hopes early on, to take pictures with different food representing the baby’s growth each week, but wedding season got the better of us… as did morning sickness! The blueberry is from 6 weeks, the raspberry from 7 weeks, and then we jumped to the French macaron at 15 weeks. After that we were lucky to get cellphone belly snapshots in between. Feel free to follow me on Instagram (@briannacox) to see more, also using the #BreesBump hashtag.

maternity portrait

When I was 12 weeks pregnant we went to Buttonwood Farm‘s sunflower field to take our official pregnancy announcement photos.


sunflower field maternity

20w ultrasound

Here’s our baby at 20 weeks. We waited to find out the gender until our big reveal…


…at the Red Sox/Yankees game!!! Both of our families came to the game with us. We were so lucky to have our friend and fellow photographer Jessica Herndon of Jessica Herndon Photography come along to capture this once-in-a-lifetime moment as well!


As you can see we were very surprised and excited when the Red Sox announced “IT’S A BOY!” on the scoreboard.





It was so very special to have our family to share in the excitement and we’re eternally grateful to Jessica Herndon Photography for capturing it all.



Between photo shoots and bouts of pregnancy-soreness, we tried to get out as much as we could. Above, here I am at 21 weeks and below at 23.



In October I photographed my last two weddings of the 2016 season, and I was IN my friend Becca’s wedding when I was 22 weeks along.



We celebrated my 30th birthday (and being 24 weeks pregnant) with a quick day-trip to Cape Cod. We stopped at Falmouth’s Highfield Hall Museum and Gardens (above) and took in the sunset at The Knob (below) in Woods Hole on an abnormally warm late-October day.



In November we celebrated our 4-year wedding anniversary and our “babymoon” at the same time with a trip to the Berkshires. I was 28 weeks pregnant and we had a wonderful time exploring nature and relaxing one last time as a family of two!

babymoon maternity milkbath portrait

Also on our babymoon, we had some fun experimenting with maternity “milk bath” photos. I helped set everything up and my husband and second shooter extraordinaire took the photos….

maternity milkbath babymoon

baby belly milk bath

These photos are definitely out of my comfort zone (I’m usually behind the lens, after all) but I’m proud of Peter for taking them and was excited to share this part of our pregnancy and photography journey.

milk bath portrait baby moon maternity


We had a lovely Christmas, and continued our family tradition of visiting Old Sturbridge Village‘s “Christmas by Candlelight” when I was 33 weeks along. We can’t wait to bring our son here next Christmas.


We had our official maternity photo shoot with Caryn Scanlan Photography at 36 weeks. We feel lucky to have gotten to know Caryn as a dear friend but also have these beautiful memories that she captured for us…









Bean boot family! <3




I cry happy tears when I look at these photos. Not only because I feel so blessed to have this amazing, loving man as the father of our son but because we feel blessed to have friends like Caryn and Jessica to capture these oh-so-special moments for us. It’s not often that WE get in front of the lens but it was a nice reminder as to why we do this for all of you too!

I love being able to photograph each milestone, engagement, first kiss, first dance, each family, big and small. Having photographs to help you treasure and share your memories is so important. It is an honor and a privileged that I get to use my passion for photography to help others preserve their special moments. We look forward to continuing to capture the many exciting moments our growing business and growing family has in store this year and beyond!






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